Attractive Presentation

Tools To Make An Attractive Presentation

Tools To Make An Attractive Presentation

When making an Attractive Presentation about your project, it is important to have attractive visual support that helps your audience remember it. Indeed, scientific research has shown that the brain does not assimilate texts and images in the same way because it uses different channels. The audience will generally retain only 10% of the information given orally while the memorization rate, with the projection of an image, reaches 65%

The best tools to make an attractive presentation of your project.

First, choose your preferred presentation medium: Prezi or PowerPoint.


Prezi uses movement, zoom, and spatial relationships to bring your ideas to life. Just place the objects on a template and navigate between videos, images, texts, and other presentation materials. The paths are connected and ultimately form a presentation with the appearance you want. If you want your presentation to be lively, Prezi is the best option for you.


But too much movement could distract your audience and in this case, PowerPoint is your best ally. PowerPoint gives you the option to create a fully customized presentation. In a template, you can add slides and pictures, videos, texts, and animations. I recommend the site Slide Carnival which allows finding many themes of beautiful presentations to meet all needs. This video sums up how to use this tool quickly.

Then just add visual content

To make your presentation attractive, you need quality visual content. Start by having attractive visuals of your project/product. Then you can add visual moods that you can find through sites such as Pexels or Unsplash.

To make your content more accessible, do not hesitate to create an info-graphic with the PikToChart tool or to add small emoticons to summarize in one picture your thought, thanks to the sites Flat icon or TheNounProject. You can also create an animated video with Go-animate, or Show box, or add a GIF to attract attention