The 10 Healthiest Universities In United States of America

The 10 Healthiest Universities In United States of America

There are many ways to rate universities, from the quality of researchers to the party scene. However, we believe that an important indicator, and often overlooked, is how healthy the university is.

We were looking for schools where students didn’t have to eat chicken and ramen every day, schools that do everything in their power to create an environment where students have access not only to healthy foods but also to excellent fitness facilities and solids. Medical and mental health services. And these 26 schools passed in bright colors. To learn more about how we collect this list, scroll down.

Editorial Note: This list is geographically ordered, but not ordered.


1. Whitman College

The coffee team at Whitman College cooks everything from scratch (which means they don’t have MSGs or preservatives) and serves food from local farms. There is also a modern 7,000-square-foot climbing wall designed by Brien Sheedy (a mountaineer who climbed the seven highest points on all continents), as well as a bike-sharing program that offers free 24-hour rental. Did we mention a 10,000 square foot gym with a 30-meter pool? Whitman does not save on medical care either. The center is open 24 hours a day and offers massages, sports medicine, access to dieticians, HIV tests and even transportation for medical visits.

2. University of California, Irvine

The UCI campus is for people who love being outside. The school offers 71 sailing, canoeing and paddleboard classes at Marina Park, and also has bike trails dedicated to the main campus. Do you prefer classes at home? UCI also has it there to watch, with 300 lessons, from belly dancing and cycling at home to Paleo cuisine and tae kwon do. It also has social workers on campus, programs dedicated to helping victims of sexual assault, wellness workshops and the LGBTQ mentoring program.

3. UC Davis

Do you know what’s great? Be healthy before it was fun. This is the case of UC Davis. In addition to the usual special dietary offers (vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free), the dining rooms also have low microbial options. The campus has been suitable for cycling for years, and has even been recognized by the American Cyclist League as a platinum friendly university. There is also Love Lab, a mobile stroller provided with safe and free sex products; advisory services that help students in career-related issues; and an organic food program that teaches students everything from attentive food to home composting.

4. University of Utah

Perhaps the location of the university in the valley of the majestic mountain ranges of Wasatch and Oquirrh inspires him to an exceptionally good care for planet Earth. The school composts all food waste and uses only biodegradable food containers, dishes and utensils made of compostable materials, such as bamboo and corn by-products. The University of Utah also has a Center for Student Welfare that helps students stay healthy by educating them on various topics such as stress, sleep and relationships.

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5. The University of Washington in St. Louis

The university is stressful. And most students do not have a budget for spa treatments. That’s why we love that WashU makes it easy to find Zen in the midst of chaos. The Olin Library organizes stress-free areas before final exams, which include care packages, relaxation stations and free back massages. The school also prioritizes healthier nutrition through the Bear Movement, which aims to increase the amount of complete and vegetable products, reduce fried foods, ensure access to nutritionists and more for 2017.

6. Butler University

With a team of 25 personal trainers at your fingertips, you can easily avoid the first 15 years or, alternatively, gain 15 pounds of muscle. Butler is also the host of Bulldog Jog, a 5K philanthropic that has been operating for 24 years. And the school adopts a fun and mundane approach to sexual health through Sex Signals, an improvisational educational program about sex and Tuesdays Get Yourself Test (GYT): you can probably guess what it implies.

7. University of Ohio

This school canteen received a PETA rating of extensive vegan options. The University of Ohio also has a registered dietitian on campus who works with school chefs and a marketing team to create health-oriented informational posters. In addition, the school publishes a daily menu and always provides information on nutrition and allergens. The gym offers 50 free group classes, including Zumba, yoga, training camp, cycling and much more, and offers semiannual programs such as Bobcat BarBelles, a strength training program for women and a personal trainer certification preparation course.

8. Indiana University

The University of Indiana offers a profit that you won’t even find in most restaurants: vegan ice cream! And this is not the end. The school also has vegan soups, homemade hummus, and gluten-free sandwiches. To be fit: students can choose from more than 80 exercises per week, including hip-hop cardio, kickboxing cardio, and Zumba. There are also 10 basketball/volleyball courts, two exercise rooms and nine racquetball courts, and a lot of outdoor sports, from group activities such as dodgeball to individual sports: triathlon training.

9. Ohio State University

The coolest club on campus is the Condom Club, a free service for students interested in safe sex. If you are more interested in other types of physical activity, visit the Outdoor Adventure Center, which has a climbing wall and a 4,000 square foot rock. Unconditional climbers can even attend regular climbing clinics. The school also offers free consultations and nutritional advice from campus dietitians. As if that wasn’t enough, OSU takes great ecological steps and even has four LEED-certified buildings.

10. University of Dayton

If you have a food allergy, Dayton University is on its way. The school has an A + room where vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free people and people allergic to everything in the sun can prepare a meal with safe food in a clean place. Dayton also has a dietitian on site who will answer any nutritional questions. Another important reason why the university is on our list is Green Dot, an intervention program that educates people about signs of sexual assault, persecution and similar problems. Simply put, Dayton offers fitness classes like P90X, and students can even rent outdoor equipment such as tents and sleeping bags for weekend getaways.